Aurum Indigo Sprays

Aurum Indigo Sprays


Energy sprays for the support of transformation processes. These aura sprays have been developed by 3 therapists working with healing processes for many years. They were searching for an effective support of their daily energy work - and here they found the Aurum Indigo Sprays.

We all are facing many challenges nowadays. Sometimes we can become almost desperate, as one challenge follows the next at a high rate of speed in our daily lives. The Aurum Indigo Sprays do not only help to stabilize ourselves - they also help us to accept, and to go through our transformation processes. We will then find our balance back on a higher level.

Each of these eight sprays contains up to 24 different high quality essential oils. Used as a set the Aurum Indigo Sprays can accompany an evolutionary way of the human and the soul potential.

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Product no.: 000001066
Contents: 50 ml (water, alcohol and 100% pure essential oils)
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