Agnihotra and Homa Therapy - The Ancient Science of Healing

We are living in times of magnificent changes. This transformation process is accompanied by a cleansing on all levels. To master this challenge, mankind was given a gift from the ancient wisdom, the Vedas. This gift is a technique which, with the help of special fire techniques, causes a cleansing on all levels. To achieve this, the fires are practiced tuned to biorhythms in a special copper pyramid with the help of certain exact vibrations (mantras). The atmosphere, the soil, as well as the water are cleaned, and the level of negative thought forms, which surround us all everywhere, are neutralized.
The basic fire technique is Agnihotra, a fire which is practiced at sunset and sunrise. It causes a very harmonic atmosphere and, therefore, is perfect to create a positive surrounding for meditation, to build up an energetic frame for healing centers, to let plant grow with the powers of the devas, and to simply bring inner clarity and purity back into our daily lives.
Doing so, we can help to bring back harmony into all areas of live on our planet.

Agnihotra process and materials

Light a fire in the copper pyramid. To do so, use some pieces of cow dung which had been coated with Ghee. Exactly at sunrise and sunset you now sing the appropriate mantra and give a few grains of rice into the fire.

You can find an exact description how to apply Agnihotra on the website

If possible, only copper materials should be used for preparing and practising Agnihotra.

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Copper pyramid, width ca. 15.5 cm

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63 pages (German)
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Mantra CD with booklet
On this CD, you find the mantras for Agnihotra. Additionally, the CD contains many more high

vibrational mantras, like for example the Om-Tryambakam.

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