Measuring fine energies

A big variety of pendulums, divining rods, and tensors gives us the opportunity to receive precise and useful information out of the deep layers of knowledge and perception.

This way we can recognize that we are not always dependent on outside sources.

Crystal Pendulums

Crystal Pendulums


Chakra Crystal Pendulums

Extremely lovely design pendulums. In the silver-plated pendulum chain, seven small gemstone balls are also worked in. The ending of the chain is formed by a sweet heart made of the same stone as the pendulum itself.

Note: The colors and structures of all gemstone pendulums can vary lightly, as they are made of natural stones.

Merkaba Pendulums

As part of Creation the cosmic Merkaba has always existed in the higher realms. In the physical dimension, it manifested as a double tetrahedron or as two interpenetrating triangle pyramids. By just contemplating on this figure you can see, that this interpenetration is very harmonious and that it has a beautiful and clear geometrical shape. This shape does not have a beginning or an end - like a circle or a ball - and thus can also be considered as a symbol of infinity.

Our Merkaba Pendulums follow these spheres of beauty, clarity and infinity and may even nourish them by being used accordingly in fine vibrational work.

We offer you these Pendulums made of three different minerals: Amethyst (mental greatness), Quartz Crystal (clarity) and Rose Quartz (Love).

Brass Pendulums

Brass Pendulums


Radiesthesia is the art of measuring subtle energies. The main instruments used are the pendulum and dowsing rods. When doing radiesthetic work, the body of the person doing the measuring becomes part of the process. Therefore some training is recommended to achieve accurate results. Some people possess special abilities to perform radiesthetic measurements, but with some practice everyone can learn how to do it. Meanwhile, a wide range of literature is available for help. The most popular purpose of radiesthesia is tracking water resources and locating areas of harmful radiation. Radiesthesia is also applied in diagnostic medicine and for classification of food and medicine.

Spheric Crystall

Spheric Crystall

The Sphere Crystal
The Sphere Crystal combines the power of sacred geometry with the invigorating energy of crystals. The flower of life is lasered three-dimensionally into high-quality crystal glass and radiates a mystical beauty.
When light flows through the crystal, the high positive forces of the sphere crystal are transferred to the surrounding room and the people in it.
As a symbol of creativity, purity and harmony, it is a popular object of meditation and helps us to regenerate after a long day.

Lakhovsky Oscillator & Compasses

Lakhovsky Oscillator & Compasses


Lakhovsky s Multiple Wave Oscillator

"Life is based on oscillation and exists through oscillation."?

"Life is destroyed by disturbance of harmonic oscillation."?

"Every cell is an electric oscillating circle."?

"Every cell is dependent on harmonic frequencies."?

- George Lakhovsky -

The inventor, physicist, and engineer George Lakhovsky was born in Russia in 1870 and lived in France for a long time. His whole life he was busy in the border area between biophysics and oscillation medicine. He even considered one of the pioneers in these areas. George Lakhovsky was one of the first to attempt systematical and very successful experiments about how different frequencies can usefully and pleasantly benefit living organisms (humans, animals, and plants). In the first third of the last century he undertook experiments with plants, as well as clinical experiments with humans.

Unfortunately, George Lakhovsky s researches fell into oblivion again after his death in 1942.

We truly hope that our offering of the Lakhovsky Oscillator helps to make the beneficial effects of this subtle technology available to many people.

The Lakhovsky Oscillator spreads a soothing energy field which has a harmonizing effect on its environment. It helps to neutralize interference fields and to positively charge and inform water. The Lakhovsky Oscillator has the ability to generally increase your oscillating level. Place your Oscillator wherever you wish to have your living or working space energized or harmonized, for example under your seat, at the computer, or under your bed.

For energizing food and drinks simply put the appropriate vessel on the Oscillator. For energizing and re-informing your drinking water place an Oscillator at your water conduit. In ecological gardening the Oscillator helps your plants to grow, to remain healthy, and to be protected from parasites.

Use pairs of Oscillators to increase the effect and position yourself or whatever you like to have energized between them.

The most valuable technique is the simplest. The simplest technique is the one being used by nature itself.


Our excursion through time has a destination. Many dangers hide in the dense jungle. Who would not need the compass leading us the right way, out

of the labyrinths, and back onto our predetermined path.

Pyramid of the universe

Pyramid of the universe

Pyramid of the universe

Pyramids are used as a source of energy and inspiration since centuries. Most of the declined civilizations already believed in the power of pyramids.

The pyramid of the universe is not only creating positive and purifying energy through the pyramidal shape but even intensifies this effect thanks to special additional components. In the middle you can find several energy balls being filled with orgone energy. They are placed around the central star just like the planets do in our milky way. Out of this center there is a big synchronization beam flowing high energies into the atmosphere, which is accelerating our transformation process.

The pyramid of the universe was created in order to support people to reconnect to their cosmic origin. It enables us to clear our mind and manifest the energies needed for the rise, for the global increase of energies.

The pyramid constantly produces two energy fields that are independently working but still corresponding. Those two energy fields will both have great effects on the surrounding:
First, there is the energy of the pyramid that is intensified due to several precious stones. Secondly, there is the orgone energy in the golden balls within the pyramid.

Pyramidal energy
Due to the special shape of pyramids they are capable of pooling cosmic energy. The energy gets attracted by the apex and is then spread. The field of application is wide: When electro smog, water courses, earth rays or similar influences effect the body in a negative way, pyramid energy is capable to detect those energies and neutralize them. Furthermore it helps to activate the self-healing power of the body in general.
Due to the focused reflection of energies the pyramid of the universe spreads a positive energy wave and considerably enhances the room atmosphere up to 40 square meters.

Orgone energy
Thanks to the special filling the golden balls constantly exude orgone energy - pure life power. The created orgone field absorbs frequencies of interference fields. In this way, sickening mobile rays will be swallowed. Without these interfering fields the human energie field can relieve and therefore will be vitalized and strengthened. It also will become denser and can even widen. As under these conditions the power of the inner self gets room to expand, the immune system becomes more resistant against viruses and bacteria.
The orgone field of the pyramid radiates approximately 20m in all directions very densely. The following 15m it will have a little softened effect.

The pyramid of the universe is standing on an acrylic plate. The connection bars are made out of acryl and are filled with little glass pearls being vaporized with silver. The golden balls filled with orgone energy are out of stainless steel. Rock crystal, amethyst and copper is additionally integrated.
Each pyramid of the universe comes with a detailed description (in german language only).

LxWxH: 25x25x17cm





It becomes easy to sense energies with this gold-plated antenna with cork handle. The wooden ring or gold-plated brass ring on the top strengthens the deflection. Each Ecotensor is accompanied by a little booklet of information (German) about various methods of application. The Biotensor, for example, can be used to test allergens, Bach flowers, homeopathic medicines, or to test for toxic substances in the house.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing Rods


Dowsing Rods (Divining Rods) are mainly used to find water and geopathic grids.

But they can also be utilized very well as oracles or for tracking power places or natural spirits.