Pure Resins Assortment

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Pure Resins - Assortment
Since ancient times, resins have been burned in almost all cultures in order to move one into

certain moods, or to sanctify objects and places. In this assortment, you find a fine selection

from many different cultures.

1. Styrax - for romantic, sensitive, and loving moods
2. Olibanum Eritrea - atmospheric cleanser - also for sacral purposes
3. Amber - has a sunny, positive energy
4. Benzoe Siam almonds - balsamic vanilla scent, has a relaxing, calming effect
5. Burgundy resin - building up strength
6. Copal Congo - stimulating on fantasy and intuition
7. Black Copal "Saumerio" - strong incense for cleansing, dispels all negative
8. Dammar - light incense, suitable for angel contacts
9. Myrrh - warm, earthy scent, develops female sensuality
10. Opoponax - protects from negative influences
11. Sandarak - fruity, balsamic scent - relaxes and calms
12. Guggul - in India important incense for spiritual purposes, strongly cleansing

total net weight: ca. 50 grams

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