Angel Incense Assortment

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Angel Incense Blends - Assortment
Connect yourself with the heavenly hosts ...

The angels are only waiting to be close to us, to be allowed to support and accompany us on

our way. They love pleasant fragrances.
Connect yourself with the angelic worlds, and you can be certain of their closeness

- giving us fine impulses, inspiring us, guarding and protecting us.

1. Guardian Angel - I am always very close to you.
2. Angel of Love - My love for you is certain.
3. Angel of Awakening - I am guiding you to new activities.
4. Angel of Abundance - The cosmos belongs to you.
5. Angel of Safety - I lay my wings around you.
6. Angel of Cleansing - I remove all shadows.
7. Angel of Reconciliation - Love yourself the way I love you.
8. Angel of Transformation - I am leading you to new levels.
9. Angel of Hope - There is always a light.
10. Angel of Clarity - My clarity brings knowledge to you.
11. Angel of Freedom - Be free like a butterfly.
12. Angel of Trust - Trust yourself, you are divine.

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