Christ Essence, 30ml

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Christus Essence

Christus energy in liquid form. Protects and connects us with the healing source of love and cosmic consciousness. Contains rock crystal splinters, gold leaf and essential oils such as myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, etc.

These essences connect us with the loving energy of the time when the unconditional love and wisdom of Jesus and Mary embraced the world. Even today this power still vibrates and wants to lift us up into the spheres of the divine being. The sprays work at a deep level of the heart and make us receptive to the high vibrations of the Christ energy.
They spread out a protective circle around us so that we can be completely focused on ourselves and encounter the world from our purified and bright center.
To enhance their effect, both sprays contain rock crystals and real gold or silver.
The containing water comes from a healing spring and has been consecrated.

30ml spray. Contents: Holy water from a medicinal spring, ethyl alcohol, 100% pure essential oils, rock crystal splinters and gold leaf (Christ) or silver leaf (Mary).

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