Magic Crystal Board

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Magic Crystal Board - the most beautiful "mobile phone" available for communication with the spiritual worlds ...

The Magic Crystal Board helps us to get in contact with the spiritual worlds, where we may find answers to our questions. By opening our consciousness, we can reach higher dimensions of vibration, where all knowledge is directly accessible.

If the light of knowledge shines through our crown chakra and into our brain, the two separate brain hemispheres can reconnect, enabling us to perceive truth and wisdom more easily and directly.
The Magic Crystal Board is a fun tool for translating the received thoughts and energy directly into words, and thereby to get guidance and advice from the highest sources of knowledge and ancient wisdom.
Naturally, it is also possible to get in touch with angels, fairies, and other nature spirits with the help of the Magic Crystal Board.

The Magic Crystal Board was created to be a means of communication with the invisible worlds. Its light energy, emerging through the heavenly design and the many crystals that are tastefully applied, amplifies the connection with the light, pure Worlds of the Source. In this higher dimension of unified consciousness we are far away from selfish wishes, and free from manipulative thoughts.
Let s find and recognize our real selves!

Magic Crystal Board
Board and Planchette made of wood including more than 100 crystals.
With velvet bag for protecting the board, description (German), all packed in a pretty carton with sea-through window. On the backside of the cartons there are texts in German.
Measurements board: ca. 42 x 42 cm. Diameter Planchette 12 cm

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