Heaven s tree - Long Line 45 g

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Halmaddi - tree of heaven

In Asia Halmaddi is also called the tree of heaven. His characteristics are strongly clarifying and liberating. He dissolves atmospheric impurity. He helps us to always keep our consciousness "in heaven". His fragrance is enchantingly balmy and soft.

From nature for nature... These incense sticks are produced in a small Ashram in the South of India. They are 100% made out of natural ingredients. Into a base mixture, 33% of ingredients such as wooden powder, herbs or coconut coal are incorporated and are rolled on a bamboo stick by hand. They give off a relieving, light and pure fragrance which could not be more intensive in its effect. It is a true scent sensation! Convenient for long meditation sessions as well as for delighting the gardens of Devas or for purifying one s house from unpleasant energies...

The sticks are approx. 37 cm long.

The burning duration is approx. 2.5 hours.

Each pack weights 45g, approx. 10 Sticks.

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